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Tuesday, March 27, 2012 % 5:31 PM

My 24th Birthday! =D

Shall update about my 24th birthday celebration here..

On 25th March, celebrated my birthday with bao bei..coz he will be working on my actual birthday (26 March), so we hav to celebrate 1 day in advance..

Bao bei came to pick me up from my house & drove me to MBS for my birthday dinner..he really put in alot of efforts for me..coz he actually went to research on places tat he can bring me to on my birthday..and he make a reservation at Sky on 57 for my birthday dinner..tats a very atas fine dining place..the minimum spending per person is $100 nett..it scared the hell out of me..but bao bei says its ok coz its my birthday..and he wanna make me feel like a queen on tat day..Thanks alot bao bei! =D

O ya, not forgetting tat bao bei actually made a card for me as well..i was really touched coz very few guys will put in efforts to hand-made something..yet he did..its a very nice & sweet card..but bao bei says cannot post online coz the cover of the card has our nicknames for each other..and he feels pai seh abt it..haha..my bao bei is so cute! =D

Ok back to the birthday dinner..here are some of the pics we took at the restaurant..

Our champagne! =D

Bao bei cutting bread..
The appetizer! Pan-grilled Nordic king scallops, sautéed ceps, Oriental spices red wine! Super yummy but ex! $50 for this! i feel painful for bao bei's wallet! =x

My bei~
Our soup: JQ's Signature Fresh Mushroom Cappuccino! This one is damn nice too! =)

My bao bei drinking his soup..

Bao Bei's
Fried Maine lobster Hokkien Noodle!

Me! =)
Sautéed Maine lobster Marco Polo Pasta! Lots of huge chucks of lobster meat! Yummy! =)

The dinner was very good..but i think the pricing is very scary.. Bei don let me see the bill..but i think it should be more than $300.. Really thanks bao bei for the wonderful dinner! =D

After dinner, we went to the balcony area of the restaurant to walk walk..the view is supreme! no wonder the food is so ex!

Tats my bao bei in suit! yes, coz he says tat its a very impt occasion..tats y he wore a suit..dashing! =D
Me cam-whoring in the toilet! haha!

After tat, we had a walk at helix bridge..

Bao bei & me! =D
Bao bei's side view..haha..

at around 12 midnight, after wishing me happy birthday, we went to a thai disco called NeverLand at orchard! I seriously love thai disco..it makes me so damn high & happy! haha! and of course, i gotten rather drunk after drinking beer, tequilla pop & long island tea..i think i was really very drunk coz i even fall down while walking back to the car with bao bei..and bao bei oso falls becoz of me..so sorry bei! =(

den i can't really remember wat happened after tat..i think i keep saying alot of things but of course, i can't remember much details of wat i said..bao bei drove me & i only reach home at around 5am in the morning..and i was so giddy & tired tat i went to sleep without bathing! OH NO! although i become very 琅狈 on tat day, i was still very happy & blessed to celebrate my 1st birthday with bao bei.. and he took very good care of me while i was drunk..so ya..THANKS ALOT BAO BEI! LOVE U LOTS! =D

Ok, den on 26 March, celebrated my birthday with the SGNs! =D

In the afternoon, went to sing k with hock leng & sheep at Teo Heng!

The 3 of us! =D

After singing k, went to S'pore Post Centre to meet up with Eng & Maddie for dinner at Nihon Mura! Finally get to eat my salmon sashimi! =D

Den during the dessert time, they gave me a birthday surprise! A birthday cup of vanilla ice cream! haha!

Me! =D
Making a wish..

Blowing the 'cake'! haha!
THANKS GUYS! Love u all! =D

The SGNs! (not in pic: Jor)

After dinner, jor came to meet us for awhile & we had a short chat before leaving!

The SGNs reunion! =D

Here wanna thanks everyone who sent me birthday wishes either through sms, fb or personally..and a big THANK YOU to Bao Bei & the SGNs for giving me such wonderful & fun birthday celebrations! LOVE U GUYS LOTS!!! =D

% 5:19 PM

Days with my love~

Yes yes.. i m currently in the honeymoon period with my bao bei..has been meeting him almost everyday..and i m always looking forward to meeting him..no matter its juz for a simple dinner or movie or juz hanging around..i love the moments with him..hope this feeling will last ba! =)

Here's some pics of my dearest bao bei eddy..the man whom i hope to spend my entire life with.. *blush* haha.. =)

My silly bao bei~

Cute! haha! =P

Thanks for loving me, bao bei.. Thanks for everything tat u have done for me.. Thanks for making me feel important & special.. Juz wanna say, I love u alot too.. Hope tat we can be together forever.. Love u! =D

Sunday, March 04, 2012 % 8:28 PM

Handing myself over to You..

Yes, after much considerations & struggles, i've made a decision on 3rd March 2012.. and i really hope that my choice is correct..really hope that this relationship will last.. I will put in everything for this relationship..and i hope that he will too.. =)

Mr Kee, from today onwards, i am handing myself over to you..please be true & please be good to me always..I am hoping that you will be my last bf & my future..ahem.haha! =D

Really love the way you hold my hand, hug me & kiss me..i can feel my heart beating damn fast when you did..and you took my breath away when u hold my hands & asked me to be your gf..i love the way u look at me & i love your sincerity.. Please..please don't ever let me down..please let me trust love & trust men again..

I love you, my 宝贝莨. =)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 % 5:27 PM

Its's Complicated..

Finally submitted my last assignment for this sem yesterday..hopefully its my last assignment for my uni life too.. *fingers crossed*

Recently, was faced with some relationship problems..was feeling very very vexed & depressed..everyone thought that i am so lucky to be in such as situation..but in actual fact, its painful & depressing..everyday when i wake up, i will be facing this problem..my heart aches & i totally don noe wat to do..

Every moment with them is sweet & happy..but when the sweetness & happiness doubled up, its very complicated..i am like standing at a crossroad..don noe which direction is the correct one..i don wanna regret & don wanna hurt anyone.

Worse of all is that, i have no one to talk abt regarding this problem..i seriously feel like banging my head on the wall non-stop.. I need to make up my mind..there's a decision to make..but this decision is going to hurt me & someone whom i care abt..i don wanna face it..yet i have to.

Hope i will have an answer soon..otherwise i will die soon..really..really will die de..

Monday, January 16, 2012 % 6:14 PM


Long time no blog.. has been very lazy & not in the blogging mood lately..but i think its about time tat i blog something..for archive purpose.haha!

First thing to update would be my 2nd BKK trip with my family from 18 Dec to 24 Dec 2011! And the most exciting thing about this trip is tat we took SIA flight! =D Sorry tat i sound so mountain tortoise! Can't help coz its somehow my 1st time taking SIA flight! (1st time is when i was 1yr old, and yes, i can't remember a single thing of course)

I shall not update the daily activities at BKK..but will upload selected highlight pics for this trip!

Day 1:
Our air tix!
Meals on plane! =D
Back to Chatuchak! the musicans have changed! =(
Choosing thumbdrive!

Day 2:
Lunch @ Krit Thai! My favourite stir-fried spagetti!
Happy 2555 (Year 2012 for Thai)!
Dinner at The Pizza Company (MBK)
Night scenes at BKK~

Day 3:
Lunch @ Krit Thai again!
At Madame Tussaud's BKK Museum!

Buying snacks from roadside stall along siam night market

Dinner in hotel room!

Day 4:

Floating market hawker!

YEAH! Off to the floating market!
Me & sis!
at the wood sculpturing place!
Cobra Show!

Elephant farm
Lunch at MBK!

Platinum mall! =D

Central World back to its happiness! =D
Outside Amirin Plaza!

Day 5:
Lunch at a local coffee shop! damn lots of flies ok.
Roadside hawker selling cheap & nice coconut cakes! =D
At Central Pier!
On the public ferry!
Arrival at Tha Tien terminal! (Wat Po)

At Wat Po!

A&W for tea break! =D
Krispy Kreme Donuts!

Day 6:
Mum buying drinks outside Platinum Mall!
Some outside stalls from Platinum Mall!
Outside Central World
At Central World night market!
Sis & the humble balloon man. =)

Buying LED headband!
At Erawan Shrine
Dinner @ The Pizza Company again!
The Thai albums tat i bought! =D

Day 7:

Breakfast @ Krit Thai!
Lunch @ MBK!
Outside Siam Paragon
At BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport
Our return tix!
Waiting for boarding
On flight dinner/supper!
Mum & Dad
Arrival at S'pore!

Ok, it has been a very fun & interesting trip! Went to places tat we have never been before & went to places tat we love to go! haha! Its time to wait for my next BKK trip! =D

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